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"Systematic Installation to your most exacting requirements"

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Principles of Operation

The mole ploughing blade is pulled through the ground, cutting a channel of the required width and depth.

The box chute is attached to the blade which enable the cables to be laid directly into the channel along with the sand surround and the specified system of protection.

Due to the narrowness of the channel the ground closes in after the box.

Pipe & Cable Installation


Systematic Installation

  • Systematic cut, lay & backfill

  • Rapid installation

  • Cable laid virtually tension free

Moleplough Installation

  • Minimises disturbance of soil layers

  • Crops quickly returns to growth

  • No tipping required

Direct lay of Optical Fibre Ducting across farmland in the East Midlands, UK

Moleploughing is one of the most rational and economic methods for laying cables and plastic pipes. The cable-laying sections are able to simultaneously install a number of cables or pipes, including their hazard-warning tapes and screening conductors in an extremely careful way, accomplishing high daily performances. A trench is not produced, so there is no backfilling or disposal of spoil. Too: It is very easy to directly blow in cables into empty pipes installed by this cabling mole-plough, because they have a very even run.



  • Specifically designed box chute

  • fitted with free wheeling rollers

Laid automatically:

  • cables

  • sand surround

  • protection system

Advantages of Moleploughing

  • No soil strip required

  • No easement fencing required

  • Immediate reinstatement

  • Does not disturb soil structure

  • Land Owner friendly method for installation

  • Easy ditch crossings

  • High Daily Performances


  • Installation of pipe diameter from 20mm to 355mm

  • Trench width from 100mm to 525mm

  • Trench depth up to 2m

  • Auto-install of pipe/cable

  • Auto-install of bedding surround

  • Auto-install of Marker Tape

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