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Specialist Hire

Trencher Hire
Land Drainage
Specialist Hire

"A range of well maintained cultivation and land clearance/reclamation equipment available for hire"

Specialist Hire

We operate a range of specialist cultivation equipment that offer unique efficiencies. General specifications are detailed below. Please enquire for specific details.




Example Use 


Stone Crusher

Sportsground Construction

Forestry Track Clearance

Land Clearance/ Reclamation

  • Operating Width 2.44m

  • Operating Depths up to 350mm

  • Works hard over long periods 

  • Crushing unwanted Materials e.g. Stones, rocks

  • Negates the need for manual stone picking or raking

  • Automatically produces a fine suitable tilth for seeding

  • Less import material required

  • Less spoil to tip

Koro Field Topmaker

Sportsground Construction and Renovation

  • Variable depth Control to 50mm or 2 inches

  • 2000mm working width

  • Mechanical Weed Control as opposed to Chemical

  • Renovation of field surface

  • Top layer strip without disturbing grade

  • Removal of top layer of unwanted contaminants that reduce the effectiveness of natural surface drainage 

  • Weed and tall grass mowing

  • Scarifying reel attachment for removal of deep thatch

BLEC Ground Breaker and Sandmaster

De-compaction and Renovation

  • Groundbreaker relieves compaction of golf greens, sports fields and more

  • Sandmaster installs 20mm wide Sand or Gravel Slits at a depth of 200mm and at 260mm centre spacing

  • Optional Sand backfilling attachment

  • Relieves compaction and drains surface all in one pass

  • Minimum surface disturbance

  • Penetrates the hardest of soils 

  • Provides continuous slits for good drainage

  • High Output (9000 sqm per day)

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