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"Systematic Installation to your most exacting requirements"

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Through a vast array of specialist equipment and expertise, Stanley's can provide you with a solution to all your gas installation and maintenance requirements.

Pictured top left is the systematic cut, lay and installation of gas pipe using by road trenching method. Areas where utilities are located together, direct labour teams and excavation equipment are necessary.

Pictured bottom left is a trencher installing gas pipe in a verge at the roadside.

Gas Pipe Installation


  • Project Management

  • Risk Assessment

  • Systematic cut, lay & reinstatement 

  • Spoil Removal

  • Traffic Management

  • Minimal Environmental Disturbance  

  • Operational capability in road, rock, field or verge

Direct and Indirect lay of gaspipe in roadway, verge and rural locations


Advantages of Road Trenching

  • Systematic cut, lay & reinstatement

  • Conveyors remove spoil directly into wagon

  • No excavated material on trench side

  • Clean cut trench sides in tarmac, concrete or rock  

  • Leaves little additional hand digging around services

  • Speed - fast - maximum efficiency

  • Closer size cut to pipe dimension - therefore less imported fill

  • Less spoil to tip

Advantages of Moleploughing

  • No soil strip required

  • No easement fencing required

  • Immediate reinstatement

  • Does not disturb soil structure

  • Land Owner friendly method for installation

  • Easy ditch crossings

  • High Daily Performances

Machinery & Equipment

  • Road/Rock Trenchers 

  • Field/Verge Trenchers 

  • Moleploughs 

  • 180 & 360 Excavation Equipment

  • Compaction Equipment

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