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"Systematic Installation to your most exacting requirements"

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Stanleys have a range of established methods for the rapid installation of electricity cables whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

Highlighted here is the use of a moleplough to lay three 11KVa cables simultaneously through heavy woodland. The cables, sand surround and protection system are automatically installed at the same time.

A full compliment of road and verge trenching and excavation equipment is also available for use in urban locations. 

Electricity Cable Installation


Systematic Installation

  • Systematic cut, lay & backfill

  • Rapid installation

Moleplough Installation

  • Minimises disturbance of soil layers

  • Cables laid virtually tension free
  • Sand Surround Protection System laid automatically

Direct lay of electricity cable through woodland in the Sandhurst, UK


Advantages of Road Trenching

  • Systematic cut, lay & reinstatement

  • Conveyors remove spoil directly into wagon

  • No excavated material on trench side

  • Clean cut trench sides in tarmac, concrete or rock  

  • Leaves little additional hand digging around services

  • Speed - fast - maximum efficiency

  • Closer size cut to pipe dimension - therefore less imported fill

  • Less spoil to tip

Advantages of Moleploughing

  • No soil strip required

  • No easement fencing required

  • Immediate reinstatement

  • Does not disturb soil structure

  • Land Owner friendly method for installation

  • Easy ditch crossings

  • High Daily Performances

Machinery & Equipment

  • Road/Rock Trenchers 

  • Field/Verge Trenchers 

  • Moleploughs 

  • 180 & 360 Excavation Equipment

  • Compaction Equipment

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